Unedited Testimonials From Our Clients

All of the testimonials below are actual word for word testimonials received by Debt Management Associates, Inc. from our clients. Debt Management Associates, Inc. primarily works with businesses and their owners but we also do some work for individuals. The testimonials below are a sampling from both business clients and individuals who have used our services.

"Chris Lee and Tony Taylor at Debt Management Associates were very courteous and understanding to my needs! To sum it up in one word...PROFESSIONALISM! I a very satisfied with the outcome of my particular case and Chris worked diligently and efficiently and as a result saved me thousands. Keep it up!!"

Kevin R., Rental Business Owner, Hagerstown, MD

“I was contacted by Chris Lee about a credit card debt that was soon to go to court. Chris worked very hard to do everything he could to get the debt settled before my court date. When he started to work on my debt the creditors stopped calling and it felt like so much weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.

Finally I had someone that was on my side making my life so much better. I owed my creditors a debt of $15,000. I am not sure how long before the debt was settled but it wasn't very long. Without the help of Chris I am not sure if I would even have a house to live in or a vehicle to drive.

The creditors didn't care what happened to me as long as they got their money back. I tried as hard as I could to pay them on time but the debt just kept getting bigger and bigger with no end in sight.

Chris worked day and night for me to save me as much money as possible. He finally worked out a deal with my creditors and cut my debt from $15,000 down to $7,500. A savings of 50% and without that savings my life would be so different now.

Thank you Chris for your hard work.”

Steve C., Havre De Grace, MD

"Tony at DMA really came through and worked through several mortgage debts for our small real estate investment firm. He was instrumental in successfully settling a short sale that saved us well over $100K. Tony and DMA are friendly, understanding and ready to help. I highly recommend them to anyone struggling with debt."

Dylan G., Co-Owner of Real Estate Investment Company, Newtown, CT

“For me Debt Management Associates, Inc. was a God-send. Literally. During a very difficult time in my life...a Divorce, I became aware of Debt Management Associates, Inc.

My Ex-husband and I had debt, minimal compared to many; however, my husband was court ordered to pay the credit card debt. I always had great credit so I was crushed when my credit was ruined. My Ex-husband was not the best when it came to money, bills, or credit. But I did not have the money to pay the debt myself.

My Ex actually found the company and suggested them! I was reluctant but Chris and Tony made it go so smooth. Our situation was very unique and Debt Management Associates, Inc. were flexible and found the solution to the situation.

Chris specifically has been able to somehow keep my Ex in touch and paying. It has been a long process, as I said my Ex is not good with money. Over the past four years 2 of the 3 credit cards have been settled, with one slated to settle this year. Even though it has taken a long time, Chris has been in a sense a mediator and saved myself a lot of time and money. When Chris says he will do something he follows through. If I send an email requesting an update, I have it either the same or next day. I have referred to Chris as an "angel" many times. I have worked Customer Service; therefore, I am quite a critic when it comes to other's delivering Customer Service and Debt Management Associates Customer service deserves an A.”

Jasmine R., Germantown, MD

"I wanted to write this note to thank you guys for the excellent settlements on the 2 debts you worked on for me related to my Las Vegas restaurant in 2009. You saved me over $15,000!! You were professional, and you treated me with dignity and respect. I was impressed at how you took the time to learn about my business and its cashflow and how you used that information to take a compelling position with my creditors to give them the fullest picture of the financial stress my business was in. Your thoroughness really showed, and the creditors were obviously impressed as well. You returned my calls and emails promptly, and you delivered on your promises. I would certainly use you again if I needed debt management services."

Jeffrey S., Restaurant Owner, New York, NY

“I am the Owner of a mid-sized chimney sweep and repair company in Portland, Oregon, and am genuinely pleased to share my experience with Debt Management Associates. My company has been in operation for several years, but with any downturn in the economy, my business predictably suffers disproportionately. And as my company learned this past year, because our business is highly seasonal, we have little wiggle room in the off season.

And that is when Debt Management stepped in. As a practical matter, Debt Management accomplished its stated purpose, as they helped us consolidate our most pressing debts, and negotiate forgiveness of much of the remaining debt as well.

But what sets them apart is their attentiveness and professionalism. It is sad that one is forced to laud something as basic as professional courtesy, but Mr. Christopher Lee contacted me each time precisely on the date and time promised, and I appreciated how that respected my busy schedule. He was also personally available to ask any questions I had.

To my delighted surprise, Debt Management Associates even went above and beyond the call of duty by unilaterally returning a retainer check we had just sent to them so we could instead immediately apply the funds to cement a negotiated final resolution to one of my company’s debts involving a challenging creditor who gave us a deadline we could not otherwise have met.

In sum, Debt Management Associates does not over promise. Instead they quietly and efficiently do precisely what they say; exhibiting the confidence that invariably comes from insisting on standards and work ethic. Needless to say, I was very impressed, and gladly recommend their assistance.”

Brandon G., Secretary/Treasurer and Owner - Chimney Sweep & Repair Company Portland, OR

"Board of Directors, Debt Management Associates, Incorporated:

As a consumer of many types of goods and services, I have frequently seen my share of problems, not only in goods but as well with services. So when I see an opportunity to compliment a service that I have received, I am eager to do so.

Such an opportunity presented itself in June of this year. I received a letter from Debt Management Associates asking me to give them an opportunity to help with a potentially harmful debt collection situation that had gone to the lawsuit stage. I called and spoke to Tony Taylor. After laying out my particular situation he assured me that he could certainly help. He was not only efficient but so very calm and compassionate that it was a delight to "open up" to him. Over the next couple of months I met another gentlemen by the name of Chris Lee that was equally as helpful as well as knowledgeable. The terms of my agreement, the straight forward approach to problem solving and the swiftness of execution was just wonderful. I was very satisfied with terms of my settlement as well as the way it was handled from the start!

I would appreciate it if you would see to it that my thanks are passed on to the appropriate persons at your company."

Anthony B., Columbia, MD

"This letter is to offer my sincere thanks to Tony Taylor and Chris Lee, partners of Debt Management Associates, Inc., 11510 Notchcliff Road, Glen Arm, MD 21057 for having helped me overcome a delicate financial situation. They were able to negotiate on our behalf and reduce the debt amount that we would have had to settle otherwise.

From The start to the finish, Debt Management Associates has been very considerate by explaining the entire process that had to be followed and guiding us along the way while they took the complete burden off of our hands.

We thank them for their thoughtfulness and understanding of our financial situation. We have no hesitation in using their services in the future and will highly recommend them to anyone who may need their services."

Rayol A., President - High Tech Company, Gaithersburg, MD

"DMA provided me with quick and great results! Tony and Chris are a great team and I am extremely satisfied with my results."

Thanks DMA!!

Nikel D., Gaithersburg, MD

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