Strategic Management Of Business Debt

Successful management of business debt requires an effective and comprehensive strategy. The best strategy will "take the heat off" your business fast. Here's how our Financial Recovery Process identifies the "fires" inside your business and shows you how to put them out.

The first order of business in your debt management process is to prioritize your creditors. Not all creditors are the same. There may be creditors that are critical for the continuation of your business--the ones that provide products and services you can't get anywhere else and are crucial to your business model. These creditors need to be treated like gold and it is important for us to secure your relationship with them as soon as possible.

On the other end of the spectrum there are the other creditors that have no real impact on your business's continuation. It is very important to satisfy their debts as well but this needs to be done as your cashflow permits. This is what management of business debt is all about. At Debt Management Associates, we have a diversified cash flow specialist on staff. As business debt consultants, our honest communications with your creditors helps them see that it is important to settle your debts with your high priority creditors first. Put simply, if the higher priority creditors aren't satisfied and they terminate their relationship with you there will be no revenue to pay the lower priority creditors. This is a key factor in your company's management of business debt.

The next step is to prioritize what tasks need to be accomplished within your business to get you generating additional revenue and restructuring business debt. Do you need to increase your advertising, hire sales people, increase production capabilities, develop new products, or expand into a new market? You know your business better than anyone, so prioritize what will get increased revenue coming in your door.

The outcome of this process is that your business will be building an individualized debt management plan for financial solvency. With a plan in place we have the ability to communicate with your creditors in a manner that says you understand their concerns and have developed a strategic plan to address them. Hiring us as business debt consultants shows that you are proactive and are moving forward to fulfill your obligations by turning your business around into a position of positive cashflow.

The result of prioritizing your goals is a strategic plan that will get you out of debt and give you the tools for effective management of business debt into the future. Hiring us frees you up to create these goals in an unpressured environment free of daily creditor issues. We also represent an open line of communication that relays your individualized debt management plan to your creditors so they know what activities are happening that will get them paid. Once your plan is established it is just a matter of implementing it.

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