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We have all seen the hyped-up ads for elimination of business debt claiming "Slash Your Debt By 90% In 30 Days." Although we have actually settled debts for less than that, the truth is that you are not going to see those types of results across the board. So, when it comes to the elimination of business debt, it's important to keep your perspective and to keep your expectations realistic. Most of our clients are small businesses, therefore most of our work has been in small business debt restructuring.

As a commercial debt negotiation business, we specialize in the elimination of business debt, and we have settled debts in the widest range there is--everything from a client not paying a penny to settle a debt to having to pay all of it back. The truth is that the circumstances of every debt and every client is different. What we can attest to is the success we have achieved in the past with our clients.

We have tracked the success we have achieved for our clients over the years. On average, our clients end up settling the debts they assign to us for 55%-60% of the original amount owed--and this includes the fees that we charge. So a company that gives us $100,000 in debt to manage for them will typically settle all of that for $55,000-$60,000. This would include payments to both the creditor and to us for our fees. That results in an average saving to our clients of 40%-45%. Is this a guarantee? Absolutely not. There are way too many variables to make a guarantee like that. Sometimes, because of these variables, only partial elimination of business debt is possible.

First of all, legally you have an economic responsibility to pay your creditors. You owe them money based on a good faith transaction, and you have promised to pay them for the products and services that you received from them.

Secondly, each client's circumstances are different. For example, each client has their own idea of what "elimination of business debt" means to them. Some have come to us on the verge of bankruptcy, while others just need a little bit of breathing room because they have suffered a temporary financial setback, interfering with their usual business debt management.

And lastly, every creditor is different. For example, some have large financial reserves, while others are in deep need of the money you owe them. Some have large amounts invested in a product they sold you, while others would just be losing the time they invested in providing you a service.

Our goal as your commercial debt negotiation business is to align the variables in order to strike a fair balance between you and your creditors. Our experience has proven that this method typically results in a savings to our clients of 40%-45%.

It's important to realize how different each client and their circumstances are when they walk into our door. We have been very successful in helping companies with their debt problems. And while we can't guarantee the amount of money you will save, we are providing the above ranges for you to consider as an average of what our clients save. But what we do offer is a guarantee that we will settle debt for you or you owe us nothing.

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