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A good commercial debt management company restructures your debt and gets you the money to pay it off. This is the most successful approach to clearing business debt off of your financial statements. We are a commercial debt management company with a proven individualized debt management solution that accomplishes both of these objectives. We focus on your revenue growth and financial solvency while we interact with your creditors, collection agencies and collection attorneys.

The heart of our individualized debt management service is our Financial Recovery Process, which develops a positive monthly cashflow, stronger financial statements and reduced debt ratios. The net benefit to you will be less money needed to pay off your debts. On average our clients reduce the total payout to settle their debts - including our fees - by 50% to 60%. We are the only commercial debt management company that implements such a thorough process directly focused on revenue growth.

By implementing our Financial Recovery Process you will utilize a tested debt management solution that is focused in the three primary areas needed for successful business debt management -- Crisis Management, Increasing Cashflow, and Debt Restructuring. If you are going to hire a commercial debt management company, why would you want to work with one that focuses on debt restructuring alone? You could have all of this:

Crisis Management

We are the only commercial debt management company whose first priority in business debt management is refocusing your business towards revenue growth. Juggling cashflow to appease creditors and dealing with collection calls, lawsuits and other efforts from your creditors to collect money are a complete distraction. They keep you from investing your time, energy and financial resources in your business to keep it moving towards revenue growth. That's why our first step is to have all collection efforts directed to us. All your collection calls stop. No more threatening letters. No more hounding you for money.

Next, we build credibility with your creditors by communicating with them about your economic situation in an honest and forthright way. We let your creditors know that you are serious about the elimination of business debt. After all that's why you hired a commercial debt management company. In hiring us as your commercial debt management company you immediatly level the playing field by gaining an advocate who will assert your financial interests with creditors.

We then create an action plan for you that will increase your access to cashflow and pay down your debt. The credibility gained by having a commercial debt management company working for you will create additional flexibility for you to prioritize which creditors to pay first. As a result, a budget can be developed with appropriate strategies that give you the cash you need to run your business in an efficient and profitable manner. Revenue grows.

Increase Cashflow

The old saying that "Cash Is King" is never more true than when a business is being operated under financial hardship. Access to cash is literally the difference between survival and bankruptcy. In this stage of our Financial Recovery Process we focus solely on generating the money needed to implement your individualized debt management plan. This is what sets us apart from any other commercial debt management company.

We first help you to prioritize your creditors. Doing this will free up capital to invest in your business or to use in the elimination of business debts that are particularly burdensome to your bottom line. The key here is to free up cashflow so that it can be used in the most productive manner.

We then look at alternative methods of financing which might be useful in generating capital for business growth. There is no need to worry about your current creditworthiness or issuing personal guarantees. In addition to typical business debt loans there are also many alternative forms of financing which do not depend on the financial stability of your business or it's owners. Our expertise will guide you in finding appropriate funding sources if it is appropriate to do so.

With a well developed cashflow plan your revenue will grow. Once your revenue increases you will have more cash to allocate towards business debt elimination.

Restructuring Business Debt

Commercial debt negotiation is truly the core of why you hire us. It is the step in the Financial Recovery Process whose success relies less on cold hard facts and more on the skills of negotiation and compromise. It is the "art" of the business debt management process.

In restructuring business debt we are working directly with your creditors. We treat them with respect, and we provide your information to them in an honest arms length negotiation. We help to facilitate your creditor's understanding and decision making process with regard to their risk in holding your debt.

Creditors have three options during the negotiation of commercial debt. They can accept an offer in compromise, restructure the debt, or pursue their legal rights in collecting on their debt. Overwhelmingly, the majority of creditors will opt for a settlement at a reduced amount which is fairly and honestly negotiated. The net result for you is a substantial savings each time a creditor decides to settle a debt.

The Bottom Line

Let's face it. There is risk in running a business. You know it and so do your creditors. Neither you nor your creditors like it when promises can't be kept. It's not personal, it's not a character flaw.

But when things go wrong and you need a commercial debt management company to help you, you want the best help you can get. Our Financial Recovery Process is unique to us and it works. It will get you out of debt and on sound financial footing. Call us at (877)800-8030 ext. 101 or for more info about our Financial Recovery Process.

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