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Good business debt consultants focus on building profits to lower debt. It's not as hard as it seems. The key is turning the collection process on it's head by turning your creditors into allies. Getting creditors "on your side" is a great benefit in the negotiation of commercial debt, leading to positive management of business debt. Our Financial Recovery Process provides a framework that makes your creditor's job easier. The cornerstone of our process is the building of your credibility with your creditors that will ultimately result in a solid understanding of your financial circumstances. Our business debt consultants help ensure reasonable debt settlements.

Let's face it, creditors loath trying to collect delinquent debt. It's not so much the fact that the money is late. It's because their efforts are usually met with false promises, misinformation or completely ignored. Promised payments are not made, calls are avoided or not returned, checks bounce.

The reality is that in the negotiation of commercial debt creditors are not treated fairly by the majority of businesses in financial hardship. The misinformation and false promises made to creditors completely shatter all their credibility. Good faith completely goes out the door and the only option creditors have in protecting their rights is litigation. It's no wonder our court system is so clogged with cases.

Once hired, our business debt consultants immediately contact your creditors. We tell them that you hired us specifically because you want to include them in your corporate debt restructuring plan. We are up-front in telling them that you are experiencing cashflow issues that we are helping you resolve.

We let creditors know that all communications regarding their debt need to be directed to us and that we will answer them in a prompt and honest manner. Creditors are kept "in the loop" of what is happening to their debt and your company. We show them in a concise and efficient way how your economic situation demands compromise and how corporate debt restructuring is the way, using standard business indicators that are easily understood. As business debt consultants, we discuss your options with creditors (all the way from bankruptcy to near complete payoff), including the ongoing management of business debt at your company.

In sum, we work with your creditors in an honest, open and fair manner. Hiring us sends a clear signal to them that you are acting responsibly and consider their interests important. We represent to your creditors a clear and prompt channel of communication, boosting your credibility, leading to a more flexible creditor. In turn, this affords you the ability to move on to the second step in the Financial Recovery Process which starts to steer you towards increasing your profits and lowering your debt.

Here is a discussion on how our business debt consultants refocus you towards increasing your profits.

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