A Proven Business Debt Management Plan

Hi, our names are Tony Taylor and Chris Lee and we are the cofounders of Debt Management Associates. We began this commercial debt reduction company in Glen Arm, Maryland to give businesses access to an advocate who can help them overcome their debt problems. Over the years we have worked with many, many businesses about problems they are having clearing business debt. We've learned what works - and doesn't work - when trying to overcome financial hardship.

What We Do

In a nutshell, Debt Management Associates gets businesses out of debt. Our years of experience as consultants helping people restructure their corporate debt have proven to us that 3 fundamental steps are required:

We have developed a Financial Recovery Process which tackles all three of these areas of debt restructuring at once. As a result of this process our clients stop dealing with business debt issues and focus on revenue growth and future planning. We give businesses the breathing room to become financially healthy again.

We have a passion about getting businesses out of debt. We're business people too and understand the risks involved in developing an idea and trying to make money doing it. You have succeeded in building your business, but we both know that things can happen to your company which can shake it to the core. If you are struggling with financial hardship and having problems clearing business debt, follow the links in the Services section of this site to learn how our Financial Recovery Process will get you out of debt.

Who We Are

Here at Debt Management Associates we pride ourselves in being a small commercial debt reduction company that takes an individualized "hands on" approach with our clients. We focus solely on helping them in the elimination of business debts.

We have an extensive history working with businesses and business owners in the management of business debt. Chris has worked for 17 years as a practicing attorney in Maryland and Tony is a Diversified Cash Flow Specialist who has 13 years experience working as a financial consultant. You can be assured that our legal and financial backgrounds give us the know-how to engage in effective negotiation of commercial debt, in order to drive successful settlements with creditors. Our experience also allows us to secure funding for operations, debt consolidation loans and credit card consolidation, regardless of a client's credit worthiness.

Although Debt Management Associates is located in Glen Arm, Maryland we have helped companies across the country. Regardless of where our clients are located, they benefit from our ability to create a barrier between them and their creditors. As a result, creditors deal with us and our clients focus on rebuilding their businesses. Our clients know how to run their businesses and we know how to restructure and eliminate their corporate debt.

Do Us A Favor

We'd like to ask you for a favor. As business debt consultants, some of the greatest satisfaction we've ever gotten has been from helping good, hard-working, people overcome their corporate debt problems. It always amazes us how deeply it changes their lives for the better. So here's the favor we'd like to ask. Read through our site, and if it helps you please drop us a note. Let us know what you found on this site that helped you, or what we could do better. And if you find the information presented on this site to be applicable to you please call us at (877)800-8030 ext.101. We have helped many businesses to successfully restructure their corporate debts. Debt Management Associates can help you as well.

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Enjoy the rest of our site and take the time to carefully read through the information - by doing so you can avoid future mistakes that will save you a lot of money.

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